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There is something that happens when you tap into what you were meant to be and do. There is a joy and ease that comes in knowing you are where you are supposed to be. The more I let go into my grace, the more grace I have to let grow.

Like wings of a butterfly opening, I’ll feel my essence expanding, the essence of myself. I soften and let go, far from perfect, but gliding effortlessly into knowing that this is the way I am meant to be.

The breath deepens, the face softens, the heart opens, the mind relaxes, and the body moves on the rhythm of knowing that I am living in the way that was meant to be.

Grace is not an outfit I would have expected to wear, out of place like the ball gown of Cinderella. However when I step into the essence of my being, I cannot help but step into grace.

How could I have ever imagined that I was intended to be anything less than full of grace?

Artwork by Lana Reed.

Author: Monday Mindfulness

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