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Press Pause

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Pressure is mounting to be joyful, to feel settled in the chaos of gathering with family and friends, to “pause” to reflect on and receive the gifts of the holiday season…as if we couldn’t receive them without slowing down.

Life is intended to be exciting, fast-paced and zestful.  As a surfer crests the perfect wave and commits to the swell, she finds peace and joy in that chaos.  We are not meant to escape the chaos of life.  We do not need to back down and pause in order to be grounded and present.  Often that is precisely the space of greatest abundance and opportunity.

The true testament to our capacity as humans is to ride the wave and simultaneously feel joy and peace.  Let’s take pressure off ourselves to “pause” as if we can’t feel whole or satisfied right where we are. The pause does not come in stopping the flow of the doing.  The pause comes in the brief moment of breath that links us back to intuition, gives rise to a sparkle in the eyes, and taps into the small still space within that finds delight or re-envisions a path within the chaos so that we can be alright right where we be.

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