Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience



I search for quiet in the hustle and bustle of my day.

When caught in the current of thinking and doing I am barraged by more thoughts and feelings. With expectations and deadlines pressing in upon me, I feel as if I need to run…run to a quiet place to regain peace.

Truly, I need go nowhere. It is not that I need to find peace.  I need to have it with me always.

When I embody peace, I do not need to go into a quiet space.

Where I am the quiet space, there is peace…and joy.

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Peel Back the Petals

Lighten her load. Peel off the petals that have begun to be slightly worn and what remains is the strong center.

Flowers just like people are meant to bring joy, to give and receive, and be, love.

It is right that I welcome every person in my life like that slightly wilted flower, peeling off the outer dry edges, realizing their true lasting beauty.

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Dive In

When you feel you need to run, to get away, you really need to dive in, go deep, and just sit with the feelings.  Let the feeling sit with you and in you.  The feelings will change … nothing stays the same … all is impermanent.

Engage moon energycalm, cool, still — to remain steady in the current of feelings.

It is then that you will hear the soft, easy voice of inner wisdom reminding you that you are OK.

Dive deeper in… calm, cool, serene.

Most grateful for your inspiration and collaboration, Theresa Tovey.

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Thriving In My Humanity

In this skin, there is challenge.

In this skin, there is weakness.

In this skin, there is pain.

In this skin, I know the frailty of my humanity.

This skin, at times limiting and restricting, full of imperfections, is also the container that holds me, that cradles my every thought and feeling, the heart of my being.

In this skin, I know nourishment.

In this skin, I sense and feel fully.

In this skin, I explore edges and learn boundaries.

I know full contentment when I allow it, in this skin.