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Deer focus on abundance. They notice gardens full of nourishment. They find forests of ample places to secure refuge. Deer take only what they need to thrive.

Today, I realized I might not always have that same perspective. As I trim the stems of the hosta that the deer so greatly love to eat, I see waste, carnage, and destruction.

But upon closer look, I notice the removal of foliage at the edges allows room for the little leaves to stretch, the ground to be watered, and sun to reach the stalks of the plants.

The nibbling by the deer makes room for new growth and beauty in a different way. Much like the traumas and obstacles in my lifetime, at first glance they may appear devouring but seeing them just as the act that came before the next one, the action leading to anew, gives me room to flourish.

Yes, I will be more positive minded like the deer, and for-give (give room for all actions that came before now) knowing it all leads me to greater nourishment. Taking only what I need to thrive and leaving all the rest. And, that tastes very good.

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