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Lead with Love


All things grow with love!

Whether managing staff, supporting family and friends, or directing your own destiny, each of us has at one time or another been called upon to take the lead, to be in charge, to make things happen.

Ancient yogis believed that leadership was born of wisdom.  But, wisdom did not reside in the head.  Rather, the true seat of wisdom is in the heart.

Thus, to lead with wisdom, one must lead from the heart, or from a place of love.

To lead with love requires non-judgment, compassion, and the ability to see the strengths and gifts in those you lead.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all lead a little more from the heart instead of the head.

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3 thoughts on “Lead with Love

  1. xo!

  2. It helps of course to have a heart as big and wise as yours!

  3. Very timely.
    Thank you!

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