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Flowers Amongst the Weeds


My stepmother, an avid gardener, once said, as I asked how she figures out which plants to pull from her garden, which ones are weeds:

The only difference, my dear, between the flowers and the weeds, is which side of the fence they grow on.

Could it be the same with our thoughts and feelings? That we are working too hard to label them, to decide what side of the fence they reside on, to determine whether they are good or bad?

Can you allow your thoughts and feelings to just be a part of who you are? All coming and going, not divided by fences, simply there in that moment. All existing as beautiful pieces of who you are, precisely planted where they should be, part of the garden that is you.

Perhaps it’s time to tear down the fence along the garden’s edge and to allow the garden to shine in the beauty and richness of all that grows there.