Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Love is fleeting. Beauty is passing. Joy is scattered and momentary.  Or is it?

Just because the petals of the rose fall from the stem does it mean the rose was never beautiful?

Remembrance is the power to retain the love, the beauty, the joy long after those precious moments have passed.

Hold the memories of those moments, those special people and experiences, in your mind, and close to your heart this Memorial Day…a day of remembrance.

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Go with the Wind


Have you ever noticed how birds fly? Not just how they propel their bodies through the air so magically, but how they so effortlessly get out of each other’s way. Flying through wide open spaces in the sky, they maneuver instinctively, kindly, and gracefully as a community. Each has their assigned space, so it appears, but even when one veers off course, the group gathers in and keeps on going, supporting that one that briefly faltered. Sometimes hundreds of birds will be circling, swirling, and moving through the air at the same time — no collisions, no hurt feelings, no judgment. Every one honoring their own path and that of the birds that fly across theirs.

What would happen if we went through the hustle and bustle of our day more like birds? Instead of issuing judgment or disparaging remarks as someone flutters across your path, can you simply find another current to ride… tilt a wing…show them the way…and keep on going?

Soar on the wind with kindness and grace…and make it a great week!