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Replace Fear with Love


Our natural state is one of love.  We are meant to make decisions, act, and behave from a space of love – love for ourselves and love for each other.  Yet, as we go through life, sometimes experiences create in us a space of rustling, uneasiness, fear.  We end up acting and moving from a state of fear, rather than one of love.

Fear is not a natural state – breath is shallow, muscles tense, the ego steps in, behaviors become defensive, and the mind, body, and breath are imbalanced.

Reclaim your balance.  Steady yourself.  Let go of expectations and pre-determined outcomes.  Notice that decisions and actions from a space of fear can be hollow or unfulfilling in the end.

Return to your natural state.  Connect with the true seat of your wisdom, your heart.  Accept and like yourself, don’t be afraid of who you really are, and move from a place of love.

Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.

(Marianne Williamson)