Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Love a little more

Breathe love

Settle your shoulders away from your ears, slide your shoulder blades down your back, squeeze them together a little, opening your heart space.  Take a deep breath in and feel a little more love.

BREATHE!  BREATHE deeply!  Feel your chest rise, your ribs expand…FREE your heart.  Shed the coat of armor, soften and expand the space surrounding your heart.   Invite deeper and more fulfilling breath into the body, and begin to heal, soften, and strengthen your heart space.

Opening the heart allows you to forgive, let go of resentment, release fear…experience more freedom, more love, more joy.

Breathe.  FREE your heart.

Keep BREATHing…love a little more.

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A Room without a Roof

No Roof

A room without a roof lets the rain in. A room without a roof lets the cold in. A room without a roof lets the sunshine in. A room without a roof lets the warmth in. A room without a roof lets it all in.

What if you were to allow yourself to be a room without a roof? To let it all in without judgment as to whether it is good or bad. Let it all simply flow in and out and perhaps you will find that there is a place and purpose for all of it, that without a roof there is no filter, no barrier, limiting what is there for you.

Raise the roof!

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Share Your YOUness


Never discount your contributions, your value…your YOU-ness. Share your gifts with the world, not out of vanity or to gain some return, but because they may make the difference in someone else’s life. But, you can’t be selective, sharing only some of your gifts, some of the time, as you never know for whom, when, or why your gifts will matter most.

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”
― Dr. Seuss