Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

There is but one design.


We are woven of a universal thread, patterned and cut in such a way, no stitch exactly the same.

And when we come together, we can compete for the title of most beautiful, richest, warmest, brightest, or boldest.

Or we can weave together in such a way that our beauty, our richness, our warmth are shared. We can accent each other’s best qualities to be the brightest and boldest of all.

For when I stand in the magnificence of you, I realize my magnificence too.

Author: Monday Mindfulness

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2 thoughts on “There is but one design.

  1. Lisa,

    fyi– the Today show now has introduced the practice of “mindfulness” every morning.

    (ps. informed husband, adult children and close friends that I practice mindfulness every night after I turned the lights off.)

    You are never far from my mind; helping me cope with “this lost year where I can’t kiss or hug my grandson, Collin!”

    With the blink of an eye, Collin turns seven in two weeks.

    Felt “fantastic” yesterday. VOTED!!! [Animated GIF]

    Stay safe! -ami


  2. All so wonderful! The world seems to be catching up with us. Hard to believe I’ve been writing Monday Mindfulness since 2009, but happy to know that more people are building mindfulness into every day!

    And, keep in mind that virtual hugs travel the energetic airways…just imagine hugging and loving someone and they will know. 🙂

    Stay well and happy!

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