Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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The Good Nut

Of varying form and purpose, we all arrive in a beautiful and powerful way – the key is to remain here not with force but with formidable grace.

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Tolerance is not ignorance.

Just because I tolerate your actions does not mean I condone them.

It does not mean they do not wound me, make me bristle or rattle my confidence in my own internal guidance systems.

Tolerance simply means that I am giving you room to be you – to learn and teach us both through your actions – to allow us to explore anger and fear, but also know patience, compassion, and forgiveness.

Tolerance is grace flexing its muscles. Tolerance is the power of my will to know my truth and allow you to explore yours.

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Where there is grace

Swan (2)

Gliding across the still lake, the swan appears motionless…blending in, yet standing out.

There is an ease to the swan’s movements – small segments of being pieced together to produce strong, elegant, fluid motion…unfolding in a seemless, timeless, effortless evolution.

The swan goes not against the current, but blends into it, rides it, and collaborates with it to create a presence and ease that cannot help but draw the breath from me.

Attuning to the breath, I begin to realize the power and simplicity in the life force that moves so strong, elegantly, and fluidly through me.  With refinement of its movement, the breath becomes balanced and smooth. A fullness and simulaneous sense of roaring power and simple stillness come as each segment fully aligns.

In that very breath, I am the swan. In that very breath, I know grace.

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Living Gratitude


Thankful for the gifts of mistakes…poor choices…and illness.

Thankful for the lessons learned through the suffering of others as they have so generously lit the way to the path of something else.

Thankful for the eyes that see flawlessness in the presence of imperfections.

Thankful for every scar that contributes to this living road map.

Thankful for the loss that serves as a beacon of hope.

Thankful for quiet act of forgiveness.

Thankful for the essence of grace.

Thankful for the peace that rests at the core of existence.

Thankful for this life of privilege,

and that you and I can be just as we are.

Thankful we can be.


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Go with the Wind


Have you ever noticed how birds fly? Not just how they propel their bodies through the air so magically, but how they so effortlessly get out of each other’s way. Flying through wide open spaces in the sky, they maneuver instinctively, kindly, and gracefully as a community. Each has their assigned space, so it appears, but even when one veers off course, the group gathers in and keeps on going, supporting that one that briefly faltered. Sometimes hundreds of birds will be circling, swirling, and moving through the air at the same time — no collisions, no hurt feelings, no judgment. Every one honoring their own path and that of the birds that fly across theirs.

What would happen if we went through the hustle and bustle of our day more like birds? Instead of issuing judgment or disparaging remarks as someone flutters across your path, can you simply find another current to ride… tilt a wing…show them the way…and keep on going?

Soar on the wind with kindness and grace…and make it a great week!

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Rock Your Goddess


You are a goddess if…

*you are a source of life and being.

*you are believed in by others.

*you are a being of beauty and grace.

*you have supernatural powers and attributes.

YOU are a GODDESS!! (yep, guys, you have goddess in you too!)


Let the mystery and sparkle that is you continue to slowly unfold as you rock your goddess self!