Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Where there is grace

Swan (2)

Gliding across the still lake, the swan appears motionless…blending in, yet standing out.

There is an ease to the swan’s movements – small segments of being pieced together to produce strong, elegant, fluid motion…unfolding in a seemless, timeless, effortless evolution.

The swan goes not against the current, but blends into it, rides it, and collaborates with it to create a presence and ease that cannot help but draw the breath from me.

Attuning to the breath, I begin to realize the power and simplicity in the life force that moves so strong, elegantly, and fluidly through me.  With refinement of its movement, the breath becomes balanced and smooth. A fullness and simulaneous sense of roaring power and simple stillness come as each segment fully aligns.

In that very breath, I am the swan. In that very breath, I know grace.

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Love a little more

Breathe love

Settle your shoulders away from your ears, slide your shoulder blades down your back, squeeze them together a little, opening your heart space.  Take a deep breath in and feel a little more love.

BREATHE!  BREATHE deeply!  Feel your chest rise, your ribs expand…FREE your heart.  Shed the coat of armor, soften and expand the space surrounding your heart.   Invite deeper and more fulfilling breath into the body, and begin to heal, soften, and strengthen your heart space.

Opening the heart allows you to forgive, let go of resentment, release fear…experience more freedom, more love, more joy.

Breathe.  FREE your heart.

Keep BREATHing…love a little more.

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The Value of a Secure Oxygen Mask

oxygen mask

When flying with small children or those requiring special assistance, you notice right away that flight attendants suggest that in an emergency oxygen masks will dispatch from the cabin overhead and that you are supposed to secure your oxygen mask first before assisting others.

What? Help myself first and THEN others? Seems pretty selfish, down right rude, and certainly contrary to maintaining a generous spirit. Should I really tend to my needs first?

Whether raising children, caring for loved ones, supporting colleagues at work, or just moving through life, others are always relying on us. We are no good to anyone if we are running ourselves ragged, neglecting to care for ourselves, or giving until we are all tapped out. What if we engage in self-FILLED service instead of self-LESS service? What if we were to keep ourselves strong, healthy, vibrant and full, so that we can be there for those who need us when they need us most?

So, maybe that flight attendant was right. To best serve those in need, maybe I do need to put on my oxygen mask first.  Maybe I need to get my own oxygen flowing first before I can help others with theirs.

On your Boeing 737 lifecraft, don’t let the voice of that very wise flight attendant be drowned out by engine noise. Know the information on the safety card, and, whatever else you do, be sure to secure your oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.

Give your seat belt a tug.

Give your neighbor a hug.

This Boeing is going.

We’ve been cleared to fly!