Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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The Fold

Mountains & Sky

Where the mountains end and the sky begins

is the fold of the Universe,

where sadness and happiness collide,

where the past and the future meet today.


Look not on the convergence

with longing, searching,

or a need to see the separation.


The fold is a place

where none of that matters,

where there is no goodness or badness.

All just is.


Where all of the moments of life blend,





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Daily Injections

Joyful Yoga

“You’re Benjamin Buttoning,” my dear friend said.  What’s the secret?

Well-being.  When you have it, it shows.  It glows.

So, inject well-being into your life.  Let it flow through you, with you, and all around you…and then maybe you too will start to ‘Benjamin Button.’

How do you inject well-being?  More Joy… More Love…More Yoga.

“Certainly worth a try,” she said with a more youthful smile.



Celebrate National Yoga Awareness Month.  Take a yoga class or share yoga with a friend. Inject a little more well-being into your life!



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Twinkle on

Twinkle On

Twinkling lights are so magical.  The anticipation of how they will brighten a path, shape a tree, light the way as night falls.  There’s a feeling that they were placed there just for me.  Sending a secret message of love and happiness.  Like a friendly smile, a generous hug, a simple wave, a knowing glance.  Twinkling lights make everything more special.

Twinkle on.