Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Making Something of Myself


Stand out!

Be seen!

Grab others’ attention.


Press on!

Make something of yourself.

It presses against my nature,

and yet I go on as best as I can.

In all my efforts to stand out

All I really want is to blend in.

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Strutting and Swirling

My heart feels quickly, as if flowing on subtle currents in the air. Ego moves faster, thrusting against the wind. Emotions lag behind but still they dance closely together, ego and feelings.

Guided by the dance, I strut and swirl around with urgency, bravado, and sprawling feathers. Responding to surface winds, impulsively flying in a defensive posture, these auto-pilot movements are built on the residue of my stories.

Something shifts and suddenly I am still. For a moment, my intuition takes the lead. There is no need for flight , no rush to action. I know all I need to know as I slow these frenetic motions.

I land. I unruffle. In the not-doing, I am even more than I was just moments before. I hang here in the peace and stillness of slow-looking.

When I land, I am my most powerful.

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Liquid Love


Abraham-Hicks says, “You are liquid love in physical bodies.”


It is in this space of liquid love

where we rendezvous

our purest selves

without the aid of email, phone, or text

we find each other

share a smile, a hug, a nod

cherishing each other’s being

knowing this is enough

in the darkness

in the silence

in the space between.

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Invite new awareness in every experience with childlike innocence and freshness, illuminating parts of you that are dormant, numb, or forgotten.  Be bold and mindfully daring as you step beyond the familiar, trusting your intuition to live life fully – not cautiously, not routinely, nor steadily, rather knowingly and freely.

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The Fold

Mountains & Sky

Where the mountains end and the sky begins

is the fold of the Universe,

where sadness and happiness collide,

where the past and the future meet today.


Look not on the convergence

with longing, searching,

or a need to see the separation.


The fold is a place

where none of that matters,

where there is no goodness or badness.

All just is.


Where all of the moments of life blend,





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Look into their eyes

Tooey Eyes

The world goes by so bustlingly fast, a blur of action, words, and feelings.  As human beings, we work so hard to take it all in, to make it all part of that story that is us.

So often we miss the opportunity to witness without action, to pause and be in the moment, to look into the eyes of those around us as they experience their own defeat and triumph, their own fears, their own hurt, their love, their joy and to be with it all, but act on none of it.  Animals do it, especially cats.  They are wonderful at exercising the witness mind.

Let go of rational thought for a moment and step away from the need to do.  Pause, tapping into your animal instincts, and just watch.  Meditate on what you see.  Look into the eyes of those around you. Look beyond the surface…and even those who, in your mind, may have brought hurt or pain may reveal to you an underlying softness, a love, that they just can’t figure out how to put into action because they’ve put so much other stuff out there.

Look into their eyes and connect with that love and you just may have more love to hold onto as you go bustlingly through the fast-paced action that is the story of you.