Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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How is it this cut flower, detached from its roots, has the capacity to re-grow itself, to expand in a new form, and when it seems to be at the end of its existence is capable of new life?



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How to Feel Good

Never stop believing in the goodness of others.

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Step outside predictable.

beginSpontaneity, not to be confused with impulsiveness, is the ability to allow your inner guidance system to lead you to take appropriate action without hesitation to achieve the greatest benefit for you and those around you, regardless of any set plan.  Step outside predictable.  Exercise your creativity and welcome the joy and fulfillment that comes with true and clear present moment awareness.

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Everyday Zen


Spiraling upwards.

Energy lifting.

Feeling so blissful.

Finding my joy.

Sensing my balance.

Knowing my strength.

Freeing myself to be me.


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Daily Injections

Joyful Yoga

“You’re Benjamin Buttoning,” my dear friend said.  What’s the secret?

Well-being.  When you have it, it shows.  It glows.

So, inject well-being into your life.  Let it flow through you, with you, and all around you…and then maybe you too will start to ‘Benjamin Button.’

How do you inject well-being?  More Joy… More Love…More Yoga.

“Certainly worth a try,” she said with a more youthful smile.



Celebrate National Yoga Awareness Month.  Take a yoga class or share yoga with a friend. Inject a little more well-being into your life!