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Buzzing with Ease

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Whatever you do, do it with the essence of ease.

It doesn’t mean stop what you are doing. It means stay connected to your source, as if you are carrying your home with you, so you are not impatiently trying to get somewhere.

Slow down from the inside, even if the outside is wanting or needing to move swiftly. You can move swiftly, full of purpose and zeal, but on the inside remain steady, slow moving.

When I slow down on the inside, I find I don’t need to push so hard on the outside because I know I’m already where I should be.

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One thought on “Buzzing with Ease

  1. Thank you!

    Your “MM” helps me greatly thru this difficult time. I am 72 in age and feel that 1 precious year has been robbed.

    Kaidi being in ped. ER at Fairfax is very well aware of the destruction brought upon by c-19.

    She and Collin (6 yr. old grandson) does not come into my house and vice versa, we self quarantine, social distance, etc…..

    Stay safe!


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