Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Dream on!

Your dreams are never out of reach.

Because they are yours to touch, change, create or release at any time.

They can never be bigger, scarier, or beyond you because they are an extension of you,

Here to serve you,

Linked to your greatest potential,

Always with the intention of informing your highest good.

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Beacon of Joy

Beacon of Joy 2

Do what feels good.  Not what feels good to the touch, but what feels good to the soul.

You know…that feeling that comes from way deep down, that bubbles up through your heart space and spontaneously makes the corners of your mouth turn up from the inside.  The stuff that breeds butterflies in your belly, causes goose bumps to ripple on the skin, and parts the clouds in a heavy sky.

If you move from that place of good, you cannot help but to be a beacon of abundant joy.

And, isn’t that what life should really be about?