Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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To receive it on the outside, achieve it on the inside.

Clouds of anger, judgment, and doubt that swirl within

Block the rays of love, acceptance and trust that shine without.

Peace on the inside…Peace on the outside.

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The Dance of “Me”

Dance of Me

There is just one of me – one body, one mind, one world.

Yet, when I am in the left side of my mind, my world is lined up in neat little rows of describers and stories that define all of my experiences, forming memories of the past and predictions for the future, a space of story-telling, label-making, and structure.

In the right side of my mind, I am larger, brighter, made of colors, shapes, and lacking concrete boundaries.  When I step to the right, I feel free and open, joyful and full of peace.  My world is expansive, allowing, and in so many ways limitless.  In the right side of my mind, I am present and full of wonder, curiosity, and enjoyment.

I move back and forth from side to side, creating the dance that is me…but I do think I would be better off if I took a step to the right more often.

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Always in Season


Love and joy are always there, just like the water and the air.

Sometimes it seems as if they only have a time or season,

As if waiting to blossom, like the first buds of spring.

Though, when my heart is open, I see they are always there,

Ebbing, flowing, budding, blossoming, no matter when or where.

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Look for the contrast…the inordinary combination of experiences that color your life, that offer surprise, that stand out and remind you that anything is possible, and so much more striking with distinction.  Seek and find joy in the contrast that makes life pop.