Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Flowers in the Heart



Sometimes things may look old, rundown, plain or dreary as you dash quickly by.  Whatever the condition of the outside, the edges of the frame you see, you can always find a space of light, of color, of beauty, alive in the heart.

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Waves Come Crashing In


Sitting in stillness…waves come crashing in…loud, powerful, ferocious. Yet, in the stillness, I know only their beauty, their strength, and their humble gifts of positive change.

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Rainbows in the Sky


Just when you think you know what the sky holds and the clouds look like, you glance upwards and see a swirling prism glistening on the wide blue canvas above you. Then,  you remember the magnificence, the bliss, the joy that are always there for you…if you just notice.