Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Play Day

a painting by Susan Kerr

a painting by Susan Kerr

Instead of calling it work and begrudging it, what if today you call it play.  Approach the to-do list with curiosity and wonder as if something new and exciting were about to unfold.  Carry a smile in your pocket and wish genuine happiness to all those around you.  Treat your space of work as a playground. Let your mind play tag with creativity.  Flow through tasks and conversations as if gliding across the monkey bars. Delight in small accomplishments with the same flutter in your belly as when you first learned to swing. Invite play into your day.  Feel big, free, and happy.

Artwork by Susan Kerr (

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Root down in humility.

Let love shower over you like a soft spring rain,

The warm rays of peace and ease fill you.

So full, whole and content

That love and joy have no option

But to penetrate existing boundaries,

Bursting, springing, popping out into the world.

Allow self love to bud and peace and joy blossom.

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The dark of night gives way to the brilliance of the morning sun.

Shadows peel back to reveal the light and then at times the light yields to the shadows.

They dance, taking turns at center stage, spotlighting each other’s beauty, celebrating each other’s gifts.

Both always there, bowing to one another, essential to each other’s greatness.

Thankful for the contrast.

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Ease comes with contentment.  When the heart is content, the flow of life is more easeful.  Contentment takes practice.  It come through the effort of letting go of expectations and judgment, of feeling whole and complete, and knowing that things are just as they should be – not always good, not always pleasant, but right the way they are. Contentment needs no story, no plan, no solution, simply a willingness to let life unfold with all its imperfections… and in that willingness resides the space of ease.