Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Divine Compassion


If I suffer with you, I sympathize.

If I see you suffering, I empathize.

If I know you are suffering but hold a space of hope for you to reclaim your peace and to know the beauty of your inner light, I show compassion.

I long to show compassion…every moment and in every way, to open my heart to the bright, beautiful light that is you, to forgive and forget all the rest for you and dwell in your divinity.

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Mindfully Alive

Mindfully Alive

Hot or cold…imprints on my body that I am fortunate to feel.

Happy or sad…imprints just the same, but on my heart and mind.

All sensations passing, emotions flowing remind me that I am alive.

Mindful and succinctly tuned to their rhythmic flow,

I do not push away or shut out those experiences,

but welcome every one of them

to inform, inspire, and ignite my inner light.

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Clear Messages


Smile more…feel more love…know your magic.

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Back to School


Pack your best supplies and perhaps an apple for your teacher.  Apply your knowledge keenly to learn from all life’s lessons, knowing that the curriculum, the patterns and experiences, has been precisely planned by your teacher to inspire forever growth and learning.  Select the courses to take and when and how to apply your knowledge.  The curriculum is there to guide you, developed by your greatest teacher…you.