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Step by Step


There are those who walk within the crosswalk and those who create their own lines. Endless ways to reach your destination. Different challenges in each one. But, when you walk confidently, fully present and in tune with your vibration, there is an unquestionable spring in your step, a natural joy in knowing that you are moving forwards in your own way.

Stepping off the curb is often the toughest part.

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2 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. You’re awesome. Love the reminder of living our lives our way! 🙂 Thank you, Lisa for all you do to make this world a better place!!! xoxo

  2. Lisa,

    Good morning!

    You are my “Buddha” and wise “Tao.”

    Reading your MM blogs every Monday helped to pull me out from my deep sleep. 💃

    Forever grateful!

    Ah-ohmmmmmmm!!! 🙏

    ps. FYI– you should proud of Liz, for I am very indeed. Last month while vacating at Duck, NC

    Liz and Andrew attended the early 7:00 am yoga practice on the beach boardwalk at the

    Sanderling Inn & Resort followed by facial and deep massage.


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