Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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You are light.  I am light.

You are happy.  I am happy.

I see you — the vibrant, perfect energy that is you.

I don’t need you to have struggles in order to feed my stories.

You are loved. You will prosper.

You will release patterns that hurt you.

You are released from serving my insecurities.

Be free of the shackles of my faults, my fears, my challenges. They are not yours.

Thank you for carrying them, for holding onto them so dearly, but you no longer need to.

I don’t need them anymore and neither do you.

We can just exist in the pure and natural state of joy that we are…

no stories, no struggles…

just light and love.

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Smiling Eyes

eyes 2

When the care is genuine, unconditional and free,

the eyes portray that authenticity.

When you truly love what you do and where you are,

the heart shines, the air softens, the eyes smile.

When you look into smiling eyes,

there you find hope, joy, inspiration.

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Move From a Place of Joy

Susan Kerr - Joy

When you do something…

…are you fully present?

…does it make the corners of your mouth crease upwards?

…does it make your belly tingle?

…does your spirit dance like a leaf on the wind?

…do others around want to jump in?

…can you feel their curiosity about this delightful state of you?

…do you feel the heat, the light of your true self shining?

…do your eyes sparkle?

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!  That is JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let them in.  Teach them how.  Remind YOURSELF!

We need more JOY!

Sparkle…laugh…love…find that natural state of being —

and do it over and over and over again.