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Going the Distance

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I feel your heart beating next to mine even though miles away.

I know your moments of pain and sorrow even without hearing you cry.

On the gentle breeze that blows, I encounter great waves of relief, joy, and peace as they ebb and flow in you.

Even out of site I know you are there.

We may be physically distanced, but energetically, emotionally, socially, we are closer than ever before.

Physical distancing,

Social connecting.

Today we may just be closer than ever before.

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One thought on “Going the Distance

  1. The wind winds through the valley.
    While I’m watching and waiting,

    I breathe slowly.
    I breathe deeply.
    I breathe with the cadence of chimes,
    Gently sampling all that breezes by and through me.
    With each breath, all is refreshed.

    Like a statue on the Nile, I sit composed.
    Resting but not reclining,
    Vigilantly I gaze, I listen, but mostly I breathe.
    My last breath is gone and I’m not thinking of the next.
    Only the current one matters, until it doesn’t, and then only the now-current one does.

    Maybe I can make my serenity last forever, or at least a little longer.
    Maybe before it too is blowin’ in the wind, I can grab a container to store this moment.
    Maybe when I need it the most I can crack open this elixir and return to this moment.,

    Maybe NOT … because life goes on …


    🙂 Murphy The English Setter

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