Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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These times feel unsettling, unsteady… groundless.

I am being called upon to be simultaneously cautious and courageous…to withdraw and contract in my physical existence and at the same time expand in my mental engagement and emotional processing.

So, as the flood gates begin to rattle and I feel on the verge of being washed away, I take one more breath. In that breath the walls deteriorate, not crumbling inward but endlessly expanding outward.

In this groundlessness, I flutter and flow. In the space of not knowing, I begin to find myself not needing to know.

In being groundless, I am learning to be boundless.

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In a hurry to go nowhere

Motion around me could easily create a distraction or even be perceived as a danger. Motion around me could be a sign that things are passing me by.

Or, motion could be a wonderful reminder to feel my own stillness, to watch without attachment, and not be in such a hurry to get somewhere.

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Pretending to be bored

Waiting for my thoughts to quiet.

With each breath, feigning an attempt to soften the tension in my muscles.

Always on high alert, my body is the ever faithful soldier standing at attention, ready to advance, attack, or defend.

My thoughts and feeling providing constant counsel, conducting their business at all hours of the day and night as if essential personnel.

It is a strange request I make that all the components that serve me in my daily busy-ness are called upon now to rest.

They are troubled by this pause as it could imply they may no longer be needed. They resist – the body…the mind…the emotions that want to protect and define me.

And yet, a strange and delightful spaciousness coats my experience when I am willing to just sit down and breathe.

It frees them all to not disappear but to serve me better. They become my friends, sipping tea on the deck, holding hands and dancing in the absence of mission and doing.

Oh, the joy of knowing my thoughts, my feelings, my body in the absence of need.

We rest here for a bit together, finding a freshness in how we coexist…

…and then we agree to do this much more often.