Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Ready to Receive

The more connected I am to you in compassion the more I realize my capacity to give and receive love.

It is in the receiving that I find connection to my higher knowing of my strengths and goodness, of my value and purpose, of harmony and grace.

Love me, but above all may I be capable of receiving that love.

For the love in me becomes the roots and branches of all that I am.


Walking Confidently

How often I have longed for the confidence of another, the apparent success of others, and what seems the ease with which they live.

Then I remember I have my own gifts and talents.

These thriving others are likely not concerned with what I have or don’t have and rather are living within their own gifts and abilities.

It is in living within our gifts that brings ease to our existence, success in our challenges, and the knowing that each of us contributes a beautiful and very special piece to the tapestry of all.

Much like in painting, when the unique colors blend just at their edges they are often more vibrant than when they stand alone or try to take on characteristics of the others and simply become mud.

Today, I aspire to walk confidently and brightly in the shades and shadows of my own unique talents and abilities.

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Loss, Not Lost

Grief…it’s not about the loss as much as creating and being able to access a little warm place in your heart where you hold that connection forever.

I used to think that grief was the act of severing ties and throwing away something special because it was lost.

But now I know that grief is a process of storing the memories of the specialness of every experience regardless of its labels, conditions, and how it came to be or not be.

Grief is experiencing the loss without getting lost.

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On the field of dreams

Last night in my dreams, on a battlefield of grand proportion, I wrestled with, said goodbye to, and grieved some old samskaras.

These old habits that once defended me had started to weaken and some even turn against me. The lines of enemy and ally blurred. In the furry of the encounter, old habits and beliefs that I had diligently crafted and carried with me ceased. Their valiant service morned. Their purpose in protecting and projecting the me I felt I needed to be absorbed into the earth.

There is sadness in the awkward void left behind as these familiar relics break down and fade. There is also great freedom in acknowledging I will be alright and maybe even better without them.

Now, I’m ready for the next me. The me that will likely try to create another troop of samskaras to guard my latest fears and weaknesses, and the next wave of perceived inadequacies.

I will watch for that and see if perhaps fewer are needed now. I will move with refined awareness and ease in knowing I can do and be anything. I can experience loss without losing. I can be complete in the incomplete, regardless of my arms and artillery.

As my old habits release with the dawn, I find the ground fertile to experience this new beginning.

Without my samskaras there, there seems to be more room for dancing.