Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Burning Embers

Fire Within closeup

The embers of the fire need tending to keep them bright and strong, to share their light, to give off their warmth.  They are not intended to be smothered, but to be gently stoked and shared, to be given a safe space to fully express themselves. Nurture those burning embers and know the power and joy of that light within.

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Peace within

Peace in me 2

Practice peace, love, and joy…not just in the ability to restrain exterior actions, but in every word, every thought, non-harming. Love, truly love, within and let the peace begin.

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Do things that inspire you…not things you do because you have to.  Do things because they feel right.

Create a space of joy around all that you do and you will no longer need to be motivated or driven.

Do what you do to fulfill you – not to take you to some better place, but to complete you right where you are.

Replace motivation with inspiration and feel true satisfaction in your work.

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Every breath a new beginning

20151001_120510With each exhale, I let go with full gratitude. I empty spaces, create hollows and clear out the residue of all that has created and sustained me.

Then, with effortless ease, the inhale comes swirling in, creating the next new vibrant moment, filling the gaps and hollows, adding onto the full, rich, and vital being that is me.

And so it is that I welcome every exhale with delight, knowing that I am creating the very pathway for my next new beginning and welcome every new beginning as it rides in upon my next breath…again and again and again.

Every breath a new beginning.