Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Honor Who You Are


Whether you decide to tuck it all in tight or let it all hang out, as long as you honor your natural spirit and find joy where you are there’s nothing more you need to do.


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Master of My Domain


Master of My Domain

To be the master of my domain does not mean to have ultimate power and be in control of everything.  Rather, it is to live in complete balance with all that exists in and around me and be in harmony with everything.

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Step outside predictable.

beginSpontaneity, not to be confused with impulsiveness, is the ability to allow your inner guidance system to lead you to take appropriate action without hesitation to achieve the greatest benefit for you and those around you, regardless of any set plan.  Step outside predictable.  Exercise your creativity and welcome the joy and fulfillment that comes with true and clear present moment awareness.

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What do you see

imageDo you see dark clouds or rays of sun? Do you see the path ending or expansive opportunity before you? Does the wind press against you, causing retreat, or does it invite you forward?

No matter the pattern of perspective, you can always change the lens. You always have the power to see what serves you best, if you just take the time to adjust the picture.