Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Turn Into the Wind

Can you turn your face to the wind and welcome it?

Does the air upon your face invite inquiry?

Opening all of your senses to each moment can be so freeing, exhilarating, curious, pleasantly undefinable.

Relaxing into the current of wind pulsing against my face, I need no answers, I need no direction.

Turning into the wind reminds me what it is to be alive in this body at this time.

Close your eyes, relax your cheeks, open wide and invite the winds of life to press into and delight you.

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I purr when I am happy.  I also purr when I am fearful to invite the calm I seek.

I am quick to recognize the energy around me, to smooth it out and rest in it, or walk away in order to disperse it and remain connected to my natural state of being.

I don’t question my intuition and do greatly enjoy sharing my space with you when you are relaxed into your authentic self.

I settle in when it feels good and move away from what does not serve me.

I am there with you, where you are present for me.  That is how it always should be.

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Outta my mind



pour outThere are times when I should say, “no.”  There are times when what I need is to pause, breathe, and make room.  There are times when I will give myself permission to let go of outcomes and expectations.  Times when I am choosing not to make decisions emotionally or driven by ego…when I make decisions from my heart, where my inner knowing takes the lead.

In those times, it might seem as if I don’t care about what needs to get done as I slow down and slough off responsibilities.  Rather, this decision-making is full of care.  I’m not getting caught in the story of what this will look or feel like – I am dedicated to getting out of the thoughts in my mind and into the kindness of my heart.

It’s not that I don’t care…it’s just that I don’t mind.

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Press Pause


Pressure is mounting to be joyful, to feel settled in the chaos of gathering with family and friends, to “pause” to reflect on and receive the gifts of the holiday season…as if we couldn’t receive them without slowing down.

Life is intended to be exciting, fast-paced and zestful.  As a surfer crests the perfect wave and commits to the swell, she finds peace and joy in that chaos.  We are not meant to escape the chaos of life.  We do not need to back down and pause in order to be grounded and present.  Often that is precisely the space of greatest abundance and opportunity.

The true testament to our capacity as humans is to ride the wave and simultaneously feel joy and peace.  Let’s take pressure off ourselves to “pause” as if we can’t feel whole or satisfied right where we are. The pause does not come in stopping the flow of the doing.  The pause comes in the brief moment of breath that links us back to intuition, gives rise to a sparkle in the eyes, and taps into the small still space within that finds delight or re-envisions a path within the chaos so that we can be alright right where we be.