Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Pulling for Us

Feeling the tug on the visceral thread that connects us all…riding the wave…knowing we are all so bravely in this together.

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All That I See

All that I see BW

How quick I am to judge, to impose my needs and perspective on others.
I see what I label as short-comings, inadequacies, and things I want to change in them.
Oh, life is such a magnificent mirror.
When I look to change others, I am seeing in that mirror all that I wish to change in me.
But I forget that what I see is simply a reflection.
Perhaps instead of looking at what needs to change, I can see all the beauty that lies within them and in me, all the gifts, all the talents, all the goodness, just as they are.
If all I see in that mirror is the goodness, then that is all that there will be.

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Our Own Selves

Own Self

Can I ask “How are you?” for the sake of simply caring?

Can I learn of your pain, your mistakes, your successes, without judging?

Can I know that your different opinions, ideas, and ways of doing things are exquisite because they are you?

Can I trust that all of your decisions are yours, not good or bad, but those necessary to lead you along the path that is you?

Can I resist the urge to selfishly invade your experience just to feel more powerful from the distant shores of my perceptions?

Can I love and respect you enough to allow you to mind your own business?

Can we all just live freely and in peace to exist in the space of our own decisions, to learn and grow in our own unique ways, and just go to work at the task of being what we were made to be…our own selves?