Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Growing with Grace

It’s not in the mistakes that we make where our lessons have value, but in how we recover.

Recovery without backwards glances laced with accusations, excuses or judgment is growth. Growth is the ultimate form of healing.

Healing is recovery made good by grace, love, and kindness.

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Shining Around the Clouds

Shine in the Clouds

Today, my minimum is the maximum.

There is no need for justification, explanation, or guilt around whether I can do more or less.

I will not get tangled in clouds of judgment or inadequacy.  It is enough that I am here, right now.

The clouds will part and I will shine just fine as I just do the minimum, because that is my maximum.

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My Story

There is a story in my body – a story of joy and a story of suffering, a story imprinted in my flesh of adopted beliefs and weathered patterns of being.

I have a belief. My body records it. With devotion to my higher good, my body informs me of my ways.  It unfailingly wears my happiness, fears, pain, doubt, informing me through these tissues and bones in service to my heart, all knowing, all seeing.

My body hears my heart calling for a change in that belief, so it demonstrates the belief in physical form in order for me to transform it…on the physical level, the thinking level, the feeling level, the being level.

I pause to listen to the advice of this worn vessel and then almost as soon as I acknowledge the pattern in the body, the beliefs begin to dissolve, reshaping my existence, restoring my wellness.

The body lets go of tension, no longer gripping to accommodate the familiar.  The battering patterns melt away, initiating a flow of healing…through the body, into the heart.


the threshold of acceptance

In order for me to heal, restore and recover, I must openly accept where I am right now. As I meet myself in that neutral space, I dissolve any sense of separation. I relax into the unknown. I allow my experience to unfold in its own uniqueness as the subtle essence of myself. There is no room for resistance here. There is nothing to attach to.

Here is simply where I am. Here I find the opening… the starting point for change.