Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Blending in to Stand out

Going unnoticed…floating in the background…allowing the focus to drift to others…blending in.

Tuned to the swirl of activity around me, I hunker down and shift my shape to listen, to allow my edges to fade into the corners of my surroundings.

It is then that I begin to be noticed for my striking ability to be still, to be flexible, adaptable and part of something bigger.

It seems that by blending in I actually end up standing out.

Photo by Brian Danahy

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These shoes weren’t meant for running

When I ask you to walk in my shoes, it is not to suffer as if my shoes are an inferior fit or brand. It is not to say my shoes are better or more challenging to wear. When you slip them on you may discover that they feel quite similar to yours. The more I wear your shoes and those of others the more I find they bear similar scuffs and worn spots. They may even fit better than these I call my own.

I may not chose to run in your shoes, but that could be what you chose to do when you try mine. Either way these shoes may offer comfort and support for you to walk a new path.

How you wear my shoes is up to you.

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Tip of the Day

You are the tipper…the one who pours the beauty out of others.

Sip the deliciousness!

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Dependence Day

Today I celebrate my free will and the ability I have to care for myself and live as I choose.

Today I celebrate my dependence.

My dependence on my self.

My dependence on my feelings to be raw, true, and guiding but not ruling.

My dependence on my mind to judge risk, reward, and my ultimate well-being in every decision I make.

My dependence on my body to tell me when I am making good decisions.

My dependence on my judgment and confidence to not always need to control the outcome.

My dependence on my ability to allow you to have your opinion and me to have mine.

Today I will have such great dependence that I will not need to assert my independence.

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The Real Heal

You can’t fake healing. It’s gotta come from the heart, filled with love and kindness and an unconditional knowing you are worthy of wellness.

You must believe that you are worthy of wellness…always you are worthy of wellness.