Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience

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Always in Season


Love and joy are always there, just like the water and the air.

Sometimes it seems as if they only have a time or season,

As if waiting to blossom, like the first buds of spring.

Though, when my heart is open, I see they are always there,

Ebbing, flowing, budding, blossoming, no matter when or where.

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Smiling Eyes

eyes 2

When the care is genuine, unconditional and free,

the eyes portray that authenticity.

When you truly love what you do and where you are,

the heart shines, the air softens, the eyes smile.

When you look into smiling eyes,

there you find hope, joy, inspiration.

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On Her Merry Way

Wild Flowers

There once was a girl who carried a bag of doubt and shame.

And, she wore a coat of her ancestors’ woes.

One day, as she walked her path, her bag fell to the ground.

The contents of the bag rolled into a patch of wild flowers, glistening with peace and love.

As she gathered the contents of her bag, a few wild flowers mixed in.

She noticed how the flowers lightened her load and at the next patch added a few more.

At the next field, she filled her coat pockets with the flowers.

…and she floated along on her merry way.