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Unlearned lessons

I’m learning that your opinions about me come from your experiences not mine.

Your beliefs, values and habits were formed not by my behaviors but by your experiences.

So next time I judge you or think you are making a mistake, I will remind myself to pause and explore the roots of my feelings.

They were more likely than not aimed at something or someone that came long before this moment with you. This encounter just somehow shook them up or rattled them loose.

If we can both remember this we can both forgive and understand that the mistakes of other are really just reminders of our own unlearned lessons.

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What does it take to forgive?

To forgive requires an understanding of worth,

a belief that we are all equal and deserving of freedom,

free from the risks of learning.

It takes purity of mission,

integrity of intention,

clarity of thoughts,

truthful words,

and a loving heart.

Purity is the essence of forgiveness,

wiping away our grudges,

removing hurtles,

clearing the slate.

There is a lightness and ease for both the forgiven and the forgiver when judgment and expectation are released and we are each allowed to experience learning and loving




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Forget and forgive


Forgive and forget, so they say…but can you forget and forgive?

What if you forgot to send out an email that hundreds of folks were counting on for inspiration?  That marked the beginning of your new week?   That added a little lightness to someone’s day or made a difference in some little way?

Could you forgive yourself enough to send that message a day late, still filled with love and inspiration?  Could you love yourself enough to honor the hectic pace that got away from you without judging too harshly your set of priorities?  Could you simply say, “This message will still matter and will serve its purpose, even in this different time dimension.”

I hope so…