Monday Mindfulness

Cultivating Strength, Joy, Peace & Resilience




What if your daily experiences were really no different than your dreams – simply stories pieced together to provide information.  Stories intended to awaken in you parts that are dormant, numb, forgotten or that would otherwise go unnoticed.  Each of these stories placed before you to illuminate a potential to think, feel, and engage differently beyond what is familiar and routine.

When I move my body in a new way, I awaken unfamiliar yet exciting new connections with muscles and bones. When I move my thoughts with curiosity, not always believing I have the answer, I am no longer reticent but have rubbed the sleep from my eyes.  When my emotions flow freely, even to the point of creating discomfort, I welcome the new dawn of compassion, courage, trust, and forgiveness.

I awaken an inner knowing, like the sun illuminating the sky.  I am suddenly aware of something far greater than these dreams.  I rise from the darkness knowing my capacity to explore, play, experiment, feel and know, all the while aware that the stories do not make me.


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Follow the path of a straight line or spiral as you grow…either way the sky is the limit.

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Stepping Stones

There is a tendency for us to focus on the negative in the situations that are unfolding around us – to see the hate, the violence, the suffering, the injustices. We may see where we are and what is happening around us as a time of struggle, hopelessness, despair, darkness. We worry about what life will be like tomorrow. We may even fear hardship for our children as if the world around us is falling apart.

But our children are not afraid. They have confidence, perhaps just like we did when we were younger, that they are simply learning and evolving. They have a deep knowing that where we are today is an opportunity for them to succeed tomorrow. Those who are following their internal GPS are filled with hope.

So maybe instead of fretting about the politics, being angry about the hate and violence, and focusing on what is wrong or lacking, we are meant to relax into this darkness so that we can discover the light and have confidence in our children to know the way. Maybe what we see happening around us and to us today are actually the stepping stones our children need to lead us all to happiness, peace, and universal love tomorrow.

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Connect with your inner essence and conduct yourself in alignment with what is best for you – not what is best materially or socially, not what is best to correct the past or to position you for the future, not what you are craving or what you believe you need, but knowing your place and greater purpose.

Stand up fully for yourself and confidently guide your experience with grace.

This is what it means to be present.

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If there is ever a time when I feel lost, overwhelmed or confused by the voices of mind and emotions, I need only to take a deep breath. Like a giant bright-colored arrow, my breath points me right back to the space of my heart. Each inhale reminds me of the limitlessness of my self knowing. With each exhale I find the power to trust the truth in my heart, to fearlessly and squarely face whatever lies before me, inside or out. There I find true courage.

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How often we feel that we live on our own, independently and in control.

There is however a subtle thread, an undeniable connection, a need for us to be together.

Yes, we are all interwoven, creating together this thing called life.

Where is it that one begins and the other ends? It doesn’t matter. With keen awareness we come to realize that each makes a vital contribution – whether as the catalyst of our evolution or a keeper of safe space.

Each with a special purpose…part of the greater existence.

Alone we are ordinary.

Together we are unique, complete and whole.

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There is a peacefulness that emanates from even the feistiest cat, a sense of equanimity. Cats are so good at freeing themselves from attachment and aversion.

Cats have a beautiful way of expressing exactly what works for them and what doesn’t. They hold an exceptional space of balance, calm and confidence.

I think this week I will conduct myself more like a cat. Cultivating my awareness with a keen focus on fostering tranquility, truly knowing what is best for me, and not going outside of boundaries that might upset the tender balance of peace within and all around me.

That is not to say that I won’t hunt and play just like the best of them. But, when I do it will be with full energy, enthusiasm, power, and contentment.

And I might also work in some extra time to stretch out and nap in the sun.